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  As a transpersonal counselor Viretta has over 20 years of studies in various mind/body healing, involving areas such as; psychology, energy healing, hospice and custodial caregiving, life coaching, teaching and many other practices revolving around her ministerial work and spiritual philosophies. Some of her skill sets including critical thinking and analytical training. Those combined with intuition and an ability to communicate, she inspires people while teaching them the tools needed to take the steps to make the change, they thought they could not do. She calls herself a "spiritual cheerleader". Her approach of encouragement comes from the genuine compassion she has for people, going through the throws of life. Committed to helping her clients clear away layers of confusion, while coaching the to free themselves from limiting patterns to enhance self-esteem, as well as achieve both personal and professional goals. Viretta blends spiritual wisdom with her degree in transpersonal counseling, to understand how to help people create a positive difference in their lives. And through her personal experience she knows first hand how challenging the trials and tribulation associated with life, here in the physical, can be.

  Her responsibility to be of service, was recognized early in her young adult life.  Being compelled to constantly have more knowledge and the need to help others adapt throughout an ever changing and challenging life experience she has always to some form relied on her sensitivities to guide her with her life experiences.This provided academically and spiritually, the lessons required to maintain the ever expanding need to grow and know, specifically to help others. She says her greatest accomplishments, are when someone says they did not give up because she nurtured them during their trials and tribulations. 

Viretta has over a decade of experience as a professional Medium. She refers to her guides simply as the council, but they are typically known as the White Brotherhood or Ascended Masters. She receives and processes information through a multitude of sensitivities.  She will tell you she is an Empath first but her many psychic traits are utilized together; Intuitive, Healer, Medical diagnostic, clairsentient, clairvoyant, clairaudient, Medium; physical and psychic, Channel; trance and conscious.
She also teaches and ministers in her sessions and to balance out the flow, she dishes this potentialyl "hard to hear" information up with plenty of love and a helping of humor.