Aspire to Grow

 Counseling psychology, intuitive counseling, marriage counseling, grief counseling 

improving your life, living to your fullest potential

Understanding who we are is essential in our development. But sometimes we must first undo the conditioning of our past. Viretta brings to the surface the healing needed in order to let go of the restrictions and live to our true potential. She integrates her degree as a transpersonal counselor and her years of experience as a professional Intuitive to bring you techniques and tools, catered to you, specifically.  

Sunshine and Showers

 Viretta can provide support for every element in your life. Whether it is a wedding or a loved ones passing, she has the compassion and experience to help you through those challenging situations. As an experienced hospice attendant or Ministerial officiant her dedication to your transition is her focus of attention.  

Future is Now

Our children are our future. Viretta believes to promote humanities success, depends on what we teach our children. She has worked with many parents to identify the areas of strength each child has and what stress this may cause for them as an adult. She will show you how to coach your child to be, the  individual they are meant to be utilizing all of their senses. Regardless of age, all children have an innate knowledge they are willing to share, if you let them